Drive-Shaft-Repair-Plainfield-ILThe purpose of the driveshaft is to transfer power from the engine and transmission to the differential.

Due to the affect of transmission gearing, in low gears the driveshaft sees higher torque than the engine produces and in top gear or overdrive the driveshaft spins faster than the engine. For smooth and safe operation of the vehicle it is vital that all parts of the driveshaft are in good working order and are properly mounted.

The main body of the driveshaft is a hollow tube of steel or aluminium, however the complete driveshaft can consist of many parts including:

  • Slip Yoke
  • Drive Flange
  • Universal Joints
  • Centre Bearing
  • Constant Velocity Joint
  • Rubber Coupling
  • Cardan Joint

Wear or damage to any of these parts can cause vibration and / or noise in the vehicle and eventually lead to major failure. Modifications to the vehicle away from manufacturers specifications, for example lifting or lowering the body, or fitting a different type of transmission or differential, can place extra load on the driveshaft parts and cause vibrations or shudder leading to accelerated wear.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the driveshaft over the life of the vehicle is important to the safe and smooth operation.

Shane’s Automatic Transmissions offers a full driveshaft service. Replacement of universal joints and couplings is available, along with fitment of new centre bearings. Straightening and dynamic balancing can be conducted to eliminate vibration problems, and driveshafts can be modified to suit changes in the vehicle such as different transmission or differential types.