What is the best way to operate an automatic transmission when towing?

Your vehicle must not tow excessive loads as this will cause component failure. Excessive loads on a transmission when towing will generate a high oil temperature. It is recommended to drive in power mode if equipped and to use overdrive gears sparingly.

When ascending and descending hills it is recommended to use the transmission in manual mode. This will reduce the amount of braking required and allow the engine to assist in applications as previously mentioned.

When the vehicle is used for towing we recommend the full use of synthetic oil which can withstand high temperatures and assist in better lubrication. The fitting of an oil cooler will also assist in lowering transmission temperature. The most common cause of transmission failure is due to overloading and high oil temperature.

4WD Vehicles are more suited for towing due to their weight ratio and extra traction. It is important all tyre sizes and tyre wear is equal front and back, and air pressure is maintained to manufacturers’ specifications. Failure to adhere to this will cause severe damage, as in “Jeeps, Subaru, Rodeos, Mazda and in some Nissan and Toyota Vehicles”. It is recommended that 4WD vehicles have transfer case and differentials oil changed every 60,000 kilometres.

How do I drive in the city with an automatic transmission?

We recommend that if you are driving in the city you have the overdrive off to assist with engine braking and transmission gear shifting.

How to maintain an automatic transmission.

The maintenance of a transmission is extremely important. Most manufacturers do not specify automatic transmission servicing in their service schedules. Transmissions are like engines, they use oil and filters to operate. The transmission is subject to the harshest environment in the vehicle. Manufacturers use the term “The transmission is sealed for life”. This is not true. Instead of having dipsticks they have oil level plugs located on the transmission. Changing of the oil, the filters and sometimes flushing is essential. We recommend oil changing and filter replacement on a regular kilometre basis to extend the life of your transmission.

A little info about manual transmissions and differentials.

It is recommended that oil in differentials be changed every 60,000 kilometres and LSD additive to be added where applicable. Tyre tread depth and air pressure is vital for differential operation.

It is recommended to avoid fifth gear use under 95 kilometres in a manual transmission as this causes extreme strain on the gear box, especially in diesel engines.

The use of synthetic oil greatly improves gear shifting quality, oil lubrication and operates on lower temperatures. Servicing of manual transmissions is recommended at 60,000 kilometres.